Terms and Conditions


Your purchase and/or use of any of our goods or services is your agreement that you accept all the terms and conditions in this agreement. Some goods or services might include:

  • Our website
  • Our content
  • Our coaching, sessions or workshops, electronically or in person

If you don’t agree with anything in this agreement, you should not use any of our goods or services.



  • This is a contract between the customer (also known as “you”) and Peer Camp Pty Ltd (also known as “us” or “we”) trading as Peer Camp, ABN 26 613 007 882.



  • Delivery - The provision of any goods or services by us to you.
  • Customer - If you have purchased or obtained something from us, you are a customer.
  • Candidate - While you participate in the industry placement program, you are a candidate.
  • Host Organisation.
  • Resume/CV.
  • “us” or “we” - This could be a reference to Peer Camp or a third party which we may be working with to deliver some aspect of this agreement to you.



  • A one-on-one consultation is the only possible setting where we’re able to sufficiently understand your situation to potentially provide advice or formal recommendations.
  • Unless we are seeing you in a one-on-one consultation; none of what we say at any time should be taken to constitute advice or formal recommendations.
  • In no event will we be liable for any incidental, indirect, consequential or special damages of any kind, or any damages whatsoever, including, without limitation, those resulting from loss of profit, loss of contracts, goodwill, health or wellbeing, data, information, income, anticipated savings or business relationships, whether or not advised of the possibility of such damage, arising out of or in connection with the use of our website, our services, any linked websites or comments made by any representative of Peer Camp or its affiliates in any circumstances or across any media.



  • We are delivering educational, personal and professional development goods and services to you.
  • We are responsible for supporting you in the way described by the product offering which you have purchased. This responsibility we have towards you will rely on us being able to work cooperatively with you.
  • We may recommend you do exercises or tasks which are part of our delivery to you. If you do not attempt, adequately or to properly undertake the exercises or tasks, this may compromise the outcomes which you’re able to achieve from working with us.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any lack of results from your failure to attempt to undertake the things we recommend.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any improper application or undertaking of the things we recommend you do.
  • There are several aspects to what we are providing you which rely heavily on your input.
  • Some areas which may require your input or documents from you include, but are not limited to:
    • Resume / Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Cover Letter
    • Information about your professional and academic background
  • We may need to analyse and work on these with you. We may need to suggest changes or improvements. You will be responsible for applying these and you understand that the results you can achieve with us may depend on this being done.
  • The information you provide us must be accurate and correct, we cannot be held responsible if you have provided us with inaccurate information.


Expectations Upon You

  • In order to achieve your desired results, there will be expectations placed on you to do certain things as part of your role in succeeding at the goals we might set. If you do not undertake these things, you may not achieve results. If you do not raise any issues with your attempts at undertaking these things we cannot be expected to be able to know that you are in-fact facing difficulty, as a result we cannot be held responsible for outcomes as a result of this.


Classes, Courses & Workshops

  • You may register to participate in classes, courses & workshops, often these will be conducted within a group setting. We do this as a way to support learning from others, group participation is key to these being successful exercises.
  • There is a certain conduct required from participants in order to avoid detracting from others’ learning.
  • If you are disruptive, you may be asked to modify your behaviour so others are able to participate properly in the sessions.
  • In some circumstances, if you continue to disrupt the sessions, you may be required to leave the session entirely. In this case, you will not be offered any refund or compensation.


Placements and Internships

  • A Placement or Internship is designed to help you develop your appeal to employers so that you have increased chances of gaining employment.
  • Employment at the conclusion of your placement is not guaranteed or assured.


Third Parties

  • We may engage third parties to deliver all or part of the goods or services we are providing to you. We will decide what will be delivered by a third party and which will be delivered by us.


Unpaid Placement

  • You understand that an unpaid placement can only take place if there is a legitimate study and/or vocational connection to the placement and your own professional development efforts.
  • You agree that there is such a connection, if this connection ceases to be, then you must notify us so your eligibility to continue the placement can be reviewed.
  • If you are deemed to be ineligible for the placement, then you agree to cease the placement and understand that you will not receive a refund for your costs.


Delivery Location and Type

  • Our services may be delivered to you via the internet, phone or some other form of communications technology. Alternatively, our services may be delivered to you in person at a location of our choosing.
  • We will decide where our services are delivered to you.
  • When we decide how to deliver our services to you, we will consider the need to provide high quality goods and/or services and make a decision based on considering that


Copyright and Intellectual Property

  • Any material provided by us as part of delivering any goods or services to you remains our intellectual property. You are granted a license for personal use of it.
  • No material produced by us can be reproduced without explicit permission in writing from Peer Camp.
  • Material on our website, including text and images, coaching materials and tools used or presented during any coaching session, or as part of a coaching program or group workshop, or sent to the recipient via email or mail is protected by copyright law and is copyright to Peer Camp unless credited otherwise. It may not be copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded, posted, broadcast or transmitted in any way except for your own personal, non-commercial use.
  • Prior written consent of the copyright holder must be obtained for any other use of material.
  • No part of our website, or the material provided to you during a coaching session, program or workshop may be distributed or copied for any commercial purpose or financial gain.
  • All intellectual property rights in relation to our website are reserved and owned by Peer Camp Pty Ltd.


Limitations of Liability

  • We will not be liable for the following:
    • Any loss or damage which was not a reasonably foreseeable result of either our breach of a contract or our breach of our legal duty of care. Loss or damage is “reasonably foreseeable” if, at the time that we and you entered into a contract, the loss was either contemplated by us and you or you notified us that the loss may occur if we breached the contract or our legal duty of care.



  • The only items to be included are those which are described in the product or service description.



  • Anything not explicitly mentioned as being delivered as part of the goods or services is excluded.




By Peer Camp

  • If we have made three unsuccessful attempts at communicating with you to undertake the work as specified in this agreement, we may decide to terminate this contract. If this happens we will be considered to have discharged our obligations under this contract.


By Customer

  • You may decide to terminate our agreement before all obligations are fully discharged, if you do, that is your decision, but you must understand that no refund or credit will be provided to you.


By Delivery

  • After the deliverables in this contract have been fulfilled, the obligations in this contract are considered to have been fulfilled, and at this point, any obligation we have towards you will be through an additional agreement.


Governing Law



  • This agreement is made under the laws and jurisdiction of the Australian state of Victoria.


Implied Legislation

  • There may be federal, state and local laws which imply provisions into this agreement, this agreement intends to fully respect and uphold those laws.


Tax and GST Liability

  • You are liable to pay all sales taxes, we will collect them on your behalf and forward them to the Australian Taxation Office.
  • All our goods and services attract a Goods and Services Tax (GST).



  • We are liable only for the goods or services which are specified to be delivered under this agreement.



  • Our goods and services are warranted to perform as expected under the relevant  state and laws.



  • We may decide to stop providing any goods or services at any time, this is solely our decision.
  • At any point in time, if we are obligated to deliver you any good or service and decide to stop offering that particular good or service for purchase, we will still provide you that good or service, otherwise provide you an appropriate alternative.


Returns and Refunds

  • Returns and refunds are only possible in circumstances where there have been issues with the delivery of goods or services under warranty circumstances.
  • Returns and refunds are available subject to the relevant laws.



  • Each provision contained in this agreement is a separate and independent provision. If a court decides any restraint to be unenforceable in whole or in part, the enforceability of the remainder of the restraint and any other restraint in the agreement will not be affected.


Updates to this Agreement

  • Peer Camp may change the terms and conditions from time to time by updating this agreement. You should check this agreement from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes.
  • If you obtained any goods or services from us and a previous version of this agreement applied, those previous terms still apply.
  • The updated version of this agreement will apply for future purchases, including if you have made a recurring purchase.


Fitness for Purpose

  • Our goods and services are only claimed to be fit for purpose for purposes which we have stated in our product marketing or sales.
  • Any fitness for purpose which you have assumed without confirming with us is entirely your own conclusion and one which we may not share with you.
  • If you are in any doubt about the fitness for purpose of any goods and services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us for clarity.



We make every effort to ensure everything we say about or within our goods and services is accurate.

Regarding any information, all our goods and services are provided “as is” and we make no representations or warranties about their:

  • Accuracy
  • Usefulness
  • Completeness

The exception to this is that any local, state or federal legislation that provides you any warranty or expectation of fitness for purpose, remains valid.

Everything we describe about our goods and services is done in good faith.

We may not keep all information up to date.

We may unintentionally mislead you.

Our website may not always be available for use.


IT Security and Antivirus

We take IT security seriously, we can’t be certain that our websites or IT systems will be free of errors, viruses, security issues or bugs. You understand that it’s your responsibility to protect against these threats. We recommend you scan any files before downloading.


Fees and Charges

Fees and charges for any products and services provided by Peer Camp are subject to change from time to time.  All active clients will be notified of any changes either in writing or over the phone, prior to their next session.

We are entitled to charge a cancellation fee. These fees are structured as follows;

Within 24 hours failure to notify your coach about a need to cancel a booked coaching session  = 100% charge (of the pre-arranged session cost).

Failure to show up for your booked coaching session = 100% charge (of the pre-arranged session cost).

As coaches we can appreciate that there may be some unforeseen circumstances that impact your actual availability. It will be at the discretion of your coach whether or not they charge you a fee as outlined above.  It is important to appreciate our position as a business operation; we are mobile coaches and therefore our travel time and calendars can be difficult to manage if late cancellations or postponements happen often.  Please consider this before making any changes or cancellations.  Ideally we would need a minimum 48 hours notice.


Feedback and Contact Information

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this terms and conditions, please contact us at: *protected email*


Industry Placement Program

This sub agreement forms the terms and conditions of any placement you do with us. It is in addition to all other terms within this document.


Terms of the agreement


Commencement of the Agreement

  • This agreement will commence when we receive a completed application form from you.

Termination of the Agreement

This agreement will end on the Industry Placement Program termination date or as otherwise agreed.

Duration of the Placement

  • This program has a duration of 12 weeks or 140 hours.
  • Any intention to extend or decrease the placement duration must be mutually agreed by all parties prior to commencement of the agreement.

Short Listing and Interviews

  • You will be shortlisted to a minimum of 5 host organisations matching your core skills and qualifications with current industry experience vacancies.
  • A minimum of 3 interview opportunities will be offered with relevant host organisations offering valid experience matching your skills and qualifications.
  • You may require further coaching and interview support if feedback from a host organisation suggests their interview performance was deemed unsatisfactory.

Introductory service


Application Form Confirmation

  • To be considered for an Industry Placement Program, you must submit the following to us:
    • A completed application form (2 pages)
    • Electronic version of Curriculum Vitae (CV) and motivation letter
    • Any other relevant references/ certificates
    • Certified copies of your academic transcripts
    • Electronic professional photo
  • Your program shall be placed on hold by us until all the necessary documentation is received from you.



We may provide certain forms of readiness training prior to the host organisation interviews or placement.


Facilitation of Industry Placement Program

We must use reasonable endeavours to facilitate the Industry Placement Program in accordance with the application form within 16 to 24 weeks of commencement. This 16 to 24 week period does not include any on-hold periods that you self-impose.

As a candidate, if you are only available for interviews on a part time basis or you put your application on hold, then the 16 to 24 week guarantee period is exclusive of these unavailable days contributing to 16 to 24 weeks of working days.

We will facilitate an entry level placement with a host organisation in your requested field.

Your requested field will be the one specified on the your application form.

Part-Time Industry Placement Programs can be arranged upon approval but you must commit to at least 8 hours per week.

Any changes to your requested field must be submitted in writing prior to attending interviews.

You will not be permitted to change your requested field subsequent to being placed in a host organisation.

You acknowledge:

  • The program is designed to develop your practical and professional skills, via training, mentoring and support.
  • The placement shall be “entry level”, based on your individual qualifications and skill-set, and may involve some administrative tasks.
  • You must answer all email correspondence within 24 hours. Once placed into a host organisation, you must reply to email correspondence within one week and complete all questions and assessments when stated.
  • In order to secure a position in a large, top 100 company a high grade point average (80% or higher) is often required.
  • Selection of the host organisations will be at the final discretion of us.


Code of Conduct


You Must:

  • be upfront about any commitments outside of the program.
  • advise us of any changes of details including visa status, contact details, travel plans, availability​, ​employment.
  • attend any and all interviews, including telephone interviews, arranged by us in respect of the Industry Placement Program and otherwise.
  • attend the offices of the host organisation in relation to the Industry Placement Program in accordance with and at the times and days as noted in the Industry Placement Program particulars or as otherwise directed.
  • comply with all rules, policies, instructions and requirements of the host organisation.
  • comply with all laws and regulations of Australia (including but not limited to all laws in relation to the Visa).


You Must Not:

  • attempt to negotiate a paid job offer or a sponsorship arrangement with the host organisation at the interview or after you have commenced your placement without prior consultation with us.
  • engage in conduct that could prejudice the reputation of the host organisation or negatively impact on the host organisation’ purposes in any way.
  • engage in conduct that could be damaging towards us in any way.
  • harass, bully or discriminate any staff at Peer Camp, the host organisation or a third party.
  • act in a manner that is likely to be inconsistent with the host organisation’s rules, policies and procedures.
  • mislead or deceive any staff at Peer Camp, a third party or the host organisation in any way.
  • participate in illegal activities or conduct that is likely to conflict with Australian culture (e.g. bribing Peer Camp, a third party or the host organisation).
  • act aggressively towards or manipulate any staff at Peer Camp or the host organisation.

You acknowledge that if your conduct is deemed unacceptable by us, the program may be cancelled. If such a cancellation takes place, no refund is payable.


Relationship with Host Organisation

You acknowledge that:

  • Your relationship with the host organisation is not ​one of employment.
  • You are not entitled to remuneration by either the host organisation or us.
  • The program is not probationary employment or unpaid trial work.
  • The host organisation is not obligated to offer you employment at the end of the program.
  • We make no guarantee of any employment opportunity with the host organisation.
  • We are not liable to find you employment after the program.


Workplace Insurance

  • We do not provide insurance for you.
  • You will be covered by workcover insurance or public liability insurance taken out by the host organisation.


Alternative Placement

You may ask to be placed with another host organisation only should the following occur:

  • Sexual/racial harassment or discrimination
  • Inability of the host organisation to continue operations
  • Inability of the host organisation to offer you suitable industry placement program activities
  • If you are dismissed from the host organisation due to their English level, provided you have not misled us or the host organisation about your English level at the time of application.

You must attend any interviews with host organisations as arranged by us.  We have the right to refuse arranging any further interviews for you or to exclude you from the program if you refuse to attend interviews or there’s evidence that you perform inadequately at the interview deliberately.

Once you have commenced in the host organisation, you are not allowed to reject your placement offer for any of the following reasons:

  • Size of the company.
  • Number of employees at the company.
  • Location of the company.
  • Commuting distance to the host organisation (commuting distance of 1 hour is accepted in all Australian cities due to the geography of the country)
  • International profile of the host organisation
  • Change of preferences after application.
  • Changes in Industry Placement Program hours. A normal working week in Australia is approximately 40 hours. Undertaking a full time Industry Placement Program may require you to do your Industry Placement Program for any period up to 30 to 40 hours per week (excluding lunch and other breaks).
  • Conflict with other staff members and the Industry Placement Program supervisor.
  • Level of supervision provided. Training and supervision will vary from one company to another. There are no minimum hours that the supervisor is obliged to spend with you on a daily basis.
  • Level of responsibility and tasks allocated. This is ultimately determined by the company and is dependent on your qualification/experience and performance.

No alternative placement will be offered to you in the event of you being asked to leave by the company for the following reasons:

  • Negligence by you in terms of misconduct or disobeying company procedures and policies.
  • Inability to perform training provided by the company due to inaccurate information provided by you on your application documents (CV, covering letter and any other documents).
  • Leaving the company without informing us at least two weeks prior and/or without being given approval to do so by us.
  • Taking time off for holidays, personal reasons without prior agreement with the host organisation.
  • Taking sick leave without providing your host organisation with an adequate medical certificate if asked to do so by the host organisation.
  • Changing Industry Placement Program hours without prior permission from the supervisor at the host organisation.
  • Not abiding by host organisation rules.
  • Demanding payments from the host organisation if the Industry Placement Program is unpaid.
  • Acting in any way that adversely affects the smooth running or operations of the host organisation. For example; unauthorised downloads, using host organisation resources in an unacceptable manner etc.
  • Any breach of the Code of Conduct.



We are in no way responsible for any damages caused by you during the Industry Placement Program, where the damages may be of any nature.

You understand that you are completely responsible and will be accountable for any damage of any nature which you cause.

You accept all responsibility personally and understand that you are in no way to be regarded as an employee of Peer Camp.


Confidential Information

All confidential information is and shall be the sole and exclusive property of the host organisation.

You shall not disclose the names of host organisations within our database without prior written consent from us.




Peer Camp

We may terminate this agreement, with immediate effect, by giving notice to you at any time if:

  • You breach this agreement and the breach is not capable of remedy
  • You breach this agreement and the breach is capable of remedy but you fail to remedy the breach within ten business days of the date of written notice of the breach from us or the host organisation
  • You are subject to an insolvency event
  • You fail to make payments on or before the due date of any payments
  • You breach the Code Of Conduct


Termination in Certain Circumstances

If you do not accept more than two proposed Industry Placement Program offerings or if in the course of facilitating the Industry Placement Program you breach these terms and conditions, we may terminate this agreement by giving notice to you. If there are no breaches by you, then we will fulfil the Industry Placement Program agreement.

You are NOT allowed to reject a placement offer for the following the reasons:

  • Size of host organisation
  • Number of employees at the host organisation
  • Location of host organisation
  • Commuting distance to the host organisation (commuting distance of 1 hour is accepted in all Australian cities due to the geography of the country)
  • International profile of the host organisation
  • Changes of preference after application


Automatic Termination

The agreement will automatically terminate:

  • upon the expiry of any period of notice of cancellation of the Industry Placement Program given by you
  • if the host organisation cancels the Industry Placement Program due to breach of agreement or company policy


Effect of Termination

If this agreement is terminated, then in addition to any other rights or remedies provided for by law each party is released from its obligations under this agreement, other than in relation to any obligations intended to survive the termination of this agreement

  • Each party retains any rights, entitlements or remedies it has accrued before termination.
  • If this agreement is terminated due to your fault for whatever reason or cause, under no circumstances will we be liable to you for any losses, costs or inconvenience suffered.


Cancellation of Industry Placement Program by Host



If the host organisation cancels the Industry Placement Program prior to the Industry Placement Program termination date due to or alleging fault by you, the Industry Placement Program will be deemed completed. If the Industry Placement Program is cancelled by the host organisation prior to the Industry Placement Program termination date due to no fault of you, we will use our best endeavours to find a substitute Industry Placement Program subject to your agreement of the substituted arrangements.

Where we arrange a substitute Industry Placement Program for the benefit of you which if agreed to by you, it will be deemed to constitute a continuance of the Industry Placement Program and the particulars will be amended accordingly to reflect these arrangements.



Where you have a grievance concerning a decision or a situation, you have the right to raise the grievance and to have that grievance considered with courtesy, in a timely fashion, and without fear of prejudicial treatment.

The following table sets out the procedures which you should follow when you have a grievance.

  Step 1: Informal Process Step 2: Formal Process
Dissatisfaction with level of service from us Raise the matter with the staff member concerned – it could be a simple miscommunication. Lodge a complaint with the relevant staff member in writing.
Response to a finding of misconduct

Respond to the finding of misconduct in writing.

The response is directed to the relevant staff member.

Informal mediation with relevant staff member may be required.

Formal mediation with Director or Directors and relevant staff member.

You will be placed on probation.

Dissatisfaction with decision to terminate Industry Placement Program

Request a review of decision.

Review is considered by the relevant staff member.

Notice of decision is made, in writing, within 30 days.

Lodge an appeal against termination in writing.

The appeal is considered by the Director or Directors, whose decision is final.

Notice of final decision will be made in writing within 30 days.

Where your grievance or appeal includes allegations concerning the conduct or actions of a staff member, and the substance of those allegations is not minor in nature, the particular staff member will be immediately notified by the authority responsible for dealing with a formal grievance or appeal of the particulars of the grievance. The affected staff member must be given an adequate opportunity to respond to the relevant authority.

You acknowledge that the meeting and mediations held between both parties shall be recorded. This recording shall only be used in accordance with the relevant privacy laws.