Gain Experience

  • Studying at University or TAFE will give you technical skills, but that won't be enough to actually get you employed.
  • When everyone else has similar qualifications to you, you will not stand out in the job market.
  • Skills known as enterprise skills are what will get you hired.

The Skills You Need

  • Enterprise skills are being demanded by employers from all fields. [1]
  • Employers recognise these skills are difficult to develop in a classroom, and must be done in a professional environment.
  • A 12 week internship will provide you the opportunity to gain these skills, and have examples of your knowledge ready for potential employers.

How It Works

We offer readiness coaching sessions and an internship program in your field, where we’ll support you throughout the whole process. This has been designed specifically to help you get hired.

 Readiness Coaching

The readiness coaching sessions prepare and train you to:
  • Learn how to identify and apply key aspects in your cover letter and resume.
  • Learn key interview techniques and practice in mock interviews to help you maximise your chances of being accepted into an internship.
  • Understand the kind of things you can do to make the most out of your internship once you're accepted.
  • Learn how to add the most value to the host organisation you're doing your internship with.

 Internship Program

Next we’ll find you an internship that's relevant to your career path and where you want experience:
  • 12 weeks placement in a host company to gain local experience in your professional field.
  • Be supported before and during your internship so that you're able to stand out as a star and gain as much valuable experience as possible.
  • After completing your placement, you'll receive a letter of reference written by the host organisation which you can use alongside the valuable experience you've now developed.

Let The Numbers Speak

  • Research shows that it now takes a young person, on average, 4.7 years to find full-time employment after graduating. [1]
  • There is hope though.. “Business students who said that they had “business-related internships” were much more likely to report having [received] at least one job offer” [2]
  • With increasing competition locally and internationally, an internship with a career related employer is known to boost your chances of securing a job

We Help People Achieve

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Sarah Betteley (Townsville, Queensland) Digital Marketer

"I would highly recommend Peer Camp to others who are looking for guidance and development in their career, employability and professional confidence."

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Michael Li (Guangzhou, China) Mobile App Developer

"Peer Camp’s support helped me secure my first job before I graduated and they provided guidance to how to achieve my next goal. I will highly recommend Peer Camp to people who are pursuing your dream career."

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Nour Al Btaddini (Melbourne, Victoria) Service Desk

"I would definitely recommend Peer Camp to you if you’re starting your own career, especially if you are finding the job search process overwhelming. They taught me needed skills that I wasn’t taught at university and it was these things that helped me get my first career related job."

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Jeremy Wang (Zhengzhou, China) Software Developer

"I was uncertain what I will be doing after finishing study. The support Peer Camp gave me helped me find my first job before I graduated. With their support, I’ve built the confidence to move to the next chapter of my career."

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Some of Our Host Companies

Here are some of the host companies we can place you with. This list is always growing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can’t I organise a placement myself directly with the company?
 Are the placements paid or unpaid?
 How long do placements run?
 Will I get employed once my placement is completed?
 How long will it take to find a placement?